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Homemade camp stoves

A collection of ideas and resources for making alcohol, wood-gas and solar stoves.

Homemade camp stoves

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Penny Stove 2.0 - Standard Tecate Cans

Penny Stove 2.0 - Standard Tecate Cans

One dollar camp kitchen-Have you seen this one?

DIY "Froup stove"- This is exactly the same design that I discovered and have found to be my favourite!

Another backpack solar stove, but not a homemade one.

So this isn't homemade, but it is a clever backpacking solar stove idea.

Soltac: Sustainable Solar Solutions

Hobo Stove. This is light enough to go with you in your #bugout bag. #survival

Hobo Stove | Practical Survivor

This isn't homemade, but it is a very cool camping wood-stove innovation. BioLite CampStove. (Cook on wood while generating electricity to charge phones, lights and other electronics off-grid.)

Baking directions for using a foil oven in the woods

A Clever Solar cooker made out of an automotive sunshade.

Windshield Shade Solar Funnel Cooker

This is a great solar cooker plan developed by a crew at BYU. The website includes details, and cooking instructions.

DIY "Froup stove"- This is exactly the same design that I discovered and have found to be my favourite!

Easy to make backpacking woodgas stove

How to Make a Solar Cooker - Basic Solar Cooking

A nice way to attach a screen bottom or shelf with plenty of airflow.

  • Mackenzie Sullivan
    Mackenzie Sullivan

    Thats brilliant!!! Stove making party soon??

A great Youtube walk through of a number of homemade tin can wood-gas stoves

A nice little stove with a pumpkin can for the outside and soup can for the inside wall. Was not tested yet.

A really nice description and nice plan for a double walled wood gasifier stove. Has instructions for making a smaller one, but notes that it is less effective.

Woodgas stove experiment|Christine DeMerchant's woodgas stove

Instructions for making and using a solar stove

Christine DeMerchant Solar Cooker experiment

This site has a link to detailed plans for natural convection wood gas stoves that burn cleanly and efficiently. I would like to experiement with the inverted downdraft gasifier method.

Zen Wood Stoves - Wood Burning Stoves

A tried and true stove for cooking- does not have great directions for making the stove yourself.

A neat Clay Wood Gas stove developed after the idea of tin can wood gas stoves


Directions for making a double walled wood stove out of a small paint can.

Woodgas Can Stove

This is a carefully constructed but really large wood gas stove. It looks like something that would be great if it were smaller. It has a nice method for attacking the inside can to the lid.

This is a container for your alcohol stove and also functions as a stand, windscreen and pot stand. I would like to modify it to also be a woodstove when desired.

Pocket Sized Camp Stove (The Improved

list of diy camping stoves

A cleaver way to create a retrackatable potstand.

Penny Wood Gas Backpacking Stove