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a close up of a sticker on the side of a green shirt that says, mustterole reg u s patrol
Designersarika: I will do awesome retro vintage logo design for $15 on
several different types of old tins on a scale
an old box of royal blue skrip writing fluid from the 50's is held in someones hand
a close up of a pill box on a red surface with white writing and blue trim
Want one? Almost full! Phillips’ Tablets. Authority but accessibility with this #design and also promotes the large economy size on inside of tin. #riffle #retro #typography #fonts #colors #vintagetin #vintagepackaging #vintagedesign #vintagedrugstore #vintagepackagedesign #drugstore #milkofmagnesia #indigestion And don’t you like the fake ‘seal’ on lower right bottom? #mintflavored
an old metal fan with the word freshind - aire on it's side
Fresh'nd-Aire. > Aaron James Draplin < Flickr
a person holding up a yellow jar with the word crest on it's lid
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an orange and black button with the word ribbon on it's side, in front of a white background
Underwood Ribbon
Underwood Ribbon Typewriter Ribbon Tin
a bottle cap with the words, redwood farm certified cream dairy written in black on it
These Old Product Packagings Provide the Ultimate Vintage Design Inspiration
Vintage packaging design