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Islam today is where Christianity was during the dark ages. Inquistitons, witch burning, heretic burning, torture etc.

Science vs Superstition


Old argument, different superstition. Fascist Christian Creationist have been asking atheist this very question. If their God didn't create the Universe where did the Universe come from. We atheist wonder where the fuck did their god come from?

Tweet from @godless_mom - There's that Christian morality we're so fond of. #atheism

Gay advocacy groups have been attacking tech company Mozilla for appointing a new CEO who once donated $1,000 to a 2008 campaign for traditional marriage in California. In only a week that new CEO has stepped down prompting some to wonder if supporting traditional marriage is now a "boardroom crime" and if gay advocates have "overstepped."

  • plasmaborne4rel

    of course supporting traditional marriage is a crime. The term "Traditional Marriage" is code for gay bashing and Fascist Christian Domination of our secular society.

Horror Show Sunday: Kill Your Niece for Jesus - Bitchspot

Humanism, What's That?: A Book for Curious Kids eBook: Helen Bennett: Kindle Store

Editorial: We Should Celebrate the Educated Young and Talented Why is it we celebrate the 13yr old who can play guitar like a mater yet shun the 13yr old who is as smart as Albert Einstein?

Something Voltaire said about the Bible.