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Sublime Stitching • Hand Embroidery Tutorials | Sublime Stitching

The Easiest Chain Stitch Technique So many awesome things on this site. Really a fresh new look and feel for embroidery. Love love- (just like her tag line says: This ain& your gramma& embroidery) found at-Sublime Stitching

Flow Yoga: a great morning or post work sequence by Jogini

Step-By-Step in depth instructions for a great Yoga sequence. Helpful for reducing chronic low back pain and improving stretching and overall health

Brilliant organization for the garage using jars

Awesome when I grow up and get a garage and learn how to fix things. Brilliant organization for the garage using jars . My Aunt Dean & Uncle Doug did this with the baby food jars from their twin boys 50 years ago and it is still cool !

Interchangeable tiered DIY cake stand

DIY Cake Stand: You& need . A drawer pull. An allthread to match, so it will screw into the drawer pull. A bolt and washer. Paint, if you so choose. A drill and bit. A candlestick with a hole through the center.