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Practical Freedom with Self-Forgiveness

Practical Freedom with Self-Forgiveness

  • 16 Pins Change Words Physically - A support interview for Writers and those that Write in Blogs or for themselves -- Practical tools to assist and support self-direction in self-honesty. 2012: Quantifying Process -- Self-Forgiveness OUT LOUD In this interview we give perspective of the support and assistance of speaking self forgiveness out loud and how it assist/support self in one's process of walking from/as the mind into the physical to Live Here and return to Earth from the mind that's abused it in separation and interest Facing 'Going Blank' during Speaking and Writing Giving practical perspective of the manifestation of 'going blank' -- how it's created, how to assist and support self to walk through it practically, to stop the 'facing blank' and walk-through speaking/writing as self; and includes an example of self forgiveness walked with Lilly and Lindsay Craver. The Private Worlds of Self Giving perspective of how walking one's process of/as self forgiveness is being like a 'private investigator' of/as self -- investigating, discovering and exploring the suppressions, denials, secrets and private-worlds/dimensions/fantasies of/as the mind consciousness system that influence/control/determine 'who we are' and 'how/what we live'. Bernard explains that in order to become effective as ourselves in who we are in expression, we must start at the point of writing - where one write out your experience effectively with sufficient insight and understanding, to from there become effective at self-forgiveness. The writing of Self Forgiveness and Self Corrective Statements is the only way to prove to oneself that you have written yourself into and as the living word - from which self trust will be born. 2011: Self-Forgiveness - From Pre-programming to Directive-Principled Living Giving perspective of how walking one's process of self-change is in fact walked Step by Step -- equal-to and one with how self created, programmed and manifested self to be 'who self is' and 'how/what self live/behave through the physical' throughout one's life in the first place. Change is not given -- it is / must be practically walked by/as self. Practical considerations / applications for when facing comparison within self within/during walking / applying one's process of/as Self-Forgiveness, to ensure one in fact walk SELF-Forgiveness and not accept/allow self to use / abuse self-forgiveness for/of EGO of Mind within the nature of competition / jealousy.

2011: Self Forgiveness and Facing THE WALL Assisting/supporting with giving perspectives of when facing 'walls / blank-outs' with walking Self-Forgiveness and how to practically assist/support self to stop such defence/protection mechanisms of the mind, to not accept/allow them -- but stop, stand-up and change to walk one's process of/as self-realisation through self-forgiveness. 2011: Self Forgiveness Support in Pushing Through Resistances to Writing and Speaking Practical Self-Forgiveness walking Interview with Lilly and Lindsay Craver - assisting and supporting with speaking self forgiveness out loud in facing resistances to writing and speaking. ENJOY

Practical Self-Forgiveness walking Interview with Lilly and Lindsay Craver - assisting and supporting with speaking self forgiveness out loud in facing the Conscious-Mind Thought-Manifestations. ENJOY

Self-Forgiveness: Facing SELF Self-Forgiveness session with Lindsay Craver and Lilly -- assisting and supporting with giving perspective on the point of one's initial experiences/resistances with walking self forgiveness, and then giving / walking a practical example of applying self forgiveness on facing self forgiveness.

Assistance and Support for those facing this question in relation to walking Self-Forgiveness -- discussing the actual point that self is accepting and allowing within self to hinder one's ability to take the step of writing and speaking self forgiveness.

Assisting and supporting with giving a perspective of a cross-reference that one can utilize in ensuring that self is in fact walking SELF-Forgiveness for/as self is setting self free from the mind/consciousness and living self-directively here in/as/with the Physical