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there are many different pictures of the inside of a houseboat that is on display
Little Living Blog: Haida Houseboat (600 Sq Ft)
The Haida House: a 600+ sq ft houseboat in the Seattle Harbor
the inside of a boat that is floating on water
Seahorse Looks Like Just Another Floating House, But There's Actually a Bedroom Underneath the Water
Technically the Floating Seahorse is classified as a boat, but it only takes one quick glance to see that the project is much more akin to a floating house. Designed by the team at Kleindienst Group, the project consists of 42 properties floating in the Persian Gulf of Dubai. The project is part of the Heart of Europe development, and offers up marine style retreats spanning 1,700 square feet of living space. Each residence features three levels, the bottom of which being under water.
three different views of a house on the water with boats in front and behind it
Forget Luxury High-Rises, This Floating Hotel Lets You Stay in Catamaran Apartments
This new Floating Hotel with Catamaran Apartments aims at promoting low-impact tourism on inland waters. Consisting of small, floating catamarans, the floating hotel is a perfect solution for tourism without harming the natural environment.
the inside and outside of a house with wooden floors, windows, and furniture in it
11 Reasons We Want to Move Into This Tiny Beach House Immediately
Being on the water is everything, so it doesn't get much better than this tiny beach house located on gorgeous Tyee Beach on Washington state's Camano Island.
four different views of the inside of a house
Bayview by Cali Cottages
The Bayview features premium hardwood laminate flooring, a main floor bed with storage cabinets and drawers underneath, and custom cabinetry.
an attic bedroom with two windows and a bed in the corner, along with carpeted flooring
Lake Forest, Tahoe City Vacation Rentals: house rentals & more | Vrbo #763243 - Amazing a-Frame Cabin with Hot Tub, 2 Fireplaces, & More More
a small wooden cabin in the woods with snow on the roof and steps leading up to it
cardinal directions cross-form A-frame dream studio/living space
the inside and outside of a tiny cabin with open shelvings on the walls
Start A Fire
A 204 sq ft cabin named the Wind River Bungalow.
the inside and outside of a small cabin in the woods
Start A Fire
The windows that tilt from the bottom, the green table and the birdcage really make this garden room.
the interior and exterior of a tiny house
The Mansion Jr By Uncharted Tiny Homes (230 Sq Ft)
The Mansion Jr from Uncharted Tiny Homes (230 sq ft)
the inside and outside of a house that is made out of wood, with stairs leading up to it
This Little House Looks Like a Fantasy Mushroom On the Outside … But The Inside? Amazing!
When you first see the Cob Cottage, you might think you are looking at some kind of giant mushroom growing in Wonderland. But you are actually in the hills of British Columbia.
a small blue house in the woods with trees around it and a picnic table on the deck
From the Inside, This Tiny House Feels Huge
From the Inside, This Tiny House Feels Huge
the inside of a tiny house with lots of windows
Tiny House Talk’s Top 10 Most Popular Tiny Houses on Wheels for 2016
Tiny House Talk's Top 10 Most Popular Tiny Houses on Wheels for 2016