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Ashland Stokes

Ashland Stokes
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Tomorrow, some 2 Billion Christians will celebrate the birth of the world's most radically loving gu - thepeopleunited

37 Funny Pictures Of The Day #funny #picture

37 Funny Pictures Of The Day #funny #picture

Kay Black, aka Kay Customz, creates unique custom-made dolls inspired by real people. Her newest, beautiful creations are amazing dolls with vitiligo. The artist paints the skin of her dolls with intricate patterns inspired by images of women and girls who have this condition and creates different styles fitting each doll.

Artist Creates Dolls With Vitiligo For Kids With This Rare Skin Condition

Tree House

Minecraft TreeHouse Schematic Free Minecraft PC, XBox, Pocket Edition, Mobile Minecraft TreeHouse Schematic Seeds and Minecraft TreeHouse Schematic Ideas.

Cake you can make in a skillet? Sign us up.

How to make an Upside Down Apple Cake 1 apple cup raisins cup granulated sugar 2 eggs cup granulated sugar cup butter, melted vanilla oil cinnamon 1 tbsp brandy cup cake flour cup almond flour tsp baking powder yogurt heavy cream

The story of rock, paper, scissors

The real truth of Rock, Paper, Scissors.i feel like there might have been more than friendship going on between rock and paper.i mean look at that first picture.and then rly think about it.maybe scissors was getting revenge in the first place.