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Olympic Party Ideas

Great Olympics themed ideas! I am thrilled two of my ideas were selected. One from my blog and the other from Kid's Activities Blog.


Summer Olympic Charades

Toddler Approved!: Summer Olympic Charades. A great game to help you celebrate the Olympics! What is your favorite event?


Flag Bingo/Scavenger Hunt for the Olympics Opening Ceremony

Flag Scavenger Hunt during the Olympics Opening Ceremonies!!! 1 pt for finding the flag/team, 1 point for naming the country, and 1 point for naming the continent:). Share your score at and we'll announce the winners!

Free 27 page printable to go with the Summer Olympics Pack. This is a Read, Write, Stamp, Cut and Paste.

The Olympics gives a great opportunity to provide exciting learning activities and important character lessons for your child. Here are 5 ways to help your child get the most out of the Olympics.