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the earth is surrounded by green grass and blue sky with text that reads free nature studies our wonderful world
Free Nature Studies: Our Wonderful World | DIY Homeschooler
Our Wonderful World by Emery Lewis Howe is a rich nature study book available for free download covering backyard neighbors, feathered friends, garden life, four-footed comrades, and the earth and …
a drawing of a calendar with the words january written on it and snowflakes
Wonder-Filled Days in Nature - Wonder-Filled Days
Free January Nature Calendar
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January Nature Study Ideas
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an open book with watercolors on it and trees in the background, sitting on a crocheted surface
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Bluebird, glowing Elm, October 1905 ~ Edith Holden
two birds sitting on top of a bamboo tree next to each other in front of a calendar
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House sparrows on oats, September 1906 ~ Edith Holden
an illustration of flowers and butterflies with the words august written below
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August 1905, Hawkweed and little blue butterfly ~ Edith Holden
the ladybird is sitting on top of a green leaf with text reading ladybird to you
Nature Detectives - Activities and Resources
Go on a ladybird hunt and use our handy ID sheet to identify your discoveries.
a painting of flowers with a dragonfly sitting on it's back and the words tulipx written in cursive writing
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Water lily and Great dragonfly, July 1906 ~ Edith Holden
ladybug life cycle worksheet for kids to learn how to use it
FREE Printable Ladybug Life Cycle Worksheets for Kids
FREE Ladybugs Worksheets for kids learning about ladybug life cycles in science. Includes Lady bug Lifecycle chart, ladybut vocabulary and more. Perfect for toddler, preschool, prek, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade for summer learni
a book with a pair of scissors on top of it and the title looking at nature
Looking at Nature
Looking At Nature: Book 3. Working With Nature by Elsie Proctor
a snail sitting on top of a green plant next to a red berry covered ground
Inspiration. Creativity. Wonder.
20 magical pictures that will change the way you think about snails
a bird sitting on top of a tree stump with the words why study birds?
Why Study Backyard Birds
Why study birds? - The Homeschool Scientist
a vase filled with flowers sitting on top of a table next to a wooden bench
Dandelions and other flowers
Activities with dandelions and other flowers for nature study with children
a drawing of the beach with different colored pencils and markers on it, along with an image of a seagull flying in the distance
South Carolina LowCountry Nature Journaling and Art: A Day at the Beach and Whitelines Paper
the nature study kit for kids
Simple DIY Nature Study Kit To Put Together for Kids
Put together your own Nature Study kit for the kids this summer and watch as they go screen free and explore the world around them