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All about my son...

All about my son...

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20 Questions to ask your children when you're putting them to bed to help develop your relationship- these are sweet.

Encouraging Words - 27 phrases you can use instead of "good job"

mom/son date ideas :) love how it's more than just's how to talk/teach your boys to become real men!

things to teach your kids before their first date. i especially loved the boy list. wish more parents of boys would teach them these things.

25 places in the US to take your kid before they graduate from high school. I love this list.

25 rules for mothers of sons- I LOVE this! I almost cried when I read it !!

so true

This I want to keep for future reference.. Some great ideas.

This is so true... we need to give kids responsibilities, and teach them to do unto others as you would have them do to you!

mother of boys

25 rules for moms with boys - this one made me tear up, especially the last!

This website offers 830 paper templates for download. It has anything from regular lined paper to yahtzee score sheet to music paper.

7 SECRET HOME REMEDIES FOR WHEN YOUR CHILD IS SICK OR IN PAIN. 1. The B.R.A.T. for diarrhea. It stands for- Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast 2. BLACK LICORICE will cure their constipation nine times out of ten! 3. The chemical reaction between baking soda and vinegar creates a cooling effect that will soothe your child’s minor burns. Just pour equal amounts of the ingredients into a bowl to bathe your child’s hand till the burning stops. 4. For an earache, use a hot pack big enough so they ca...

lunchbox inspiration


20 lessons to teach children about money

50 Creative Earth Day Activities for Kids.

5 questions to ask your child every day.

100 truly inspiring & helpful tips to be kind to your child. :)

  • Kuljit Atwal-Bains
    Kuljit Atwal-Bains

    Love it!!

adorable neck tie tutorial for little boys

For my tween boys' room - maybe they'll learn their geography thru osmosis while sleeping on it. Ha! :D

Awesome! i'm in!

math card war - fun way to practice math facts

Next birthday cake!!!