After a long hiatus, due to wordpress technical difficulties, I am back to blogging with the topic of friendship... Please excuse me if I sound too contemplative, but for the first time in at least 10 years, I had a weekend long silent retreat, with the t

These are a little risque (but fun for an appropriate adult party!), but you could search online and find all sorts of images that would work. Imagine cartoon characters, famous actors in a well known role... the possibilities are endless.

The dictum “lead or follow” means you have to decide for yourself where you stand. If you are committed to the work, you need to focus either on leading others in doing the right things or in supporting someone else that is

A simple, compassionate city girl with big dreams, a lot of camera lenses and a collection of photographs that make me feel something. Be it beauty, wanderlust, happiness, desire, comfort or all or none of the above. Please stay a while,...


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