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cool and beautiful ideas to recycle plastic bottles.. including this must have lamp shade..

The Petal Lamp Shade has approximately 200 “petals” that were individually cut from recycled PET bottles, heated and engraved with subtle patterns. They dangle inches from a stainless steel disk. By Gülnur Özdağlar, architect, in Ankara Turkey

want to try making this!

Hanging by Susanne Hare Thin pieces of tin, aluminum, brass, in various pale colours, but the overall effect is light silver. Each rod is handmade.

Floating lanterns,Thailand

"Midsummer Night/Kupala Night Lanterns": marking the shortest day of the year (June more than floating Chinese lanterns were released over the Warta River in Poznan, Poland. Its a real life Tangled moment!

Although Japan boasts of many outstanding traditional craftworks, the majority of these craftworks are endangered. One of them is the paper lantern called “Chouchin”.

Chochin Lamp, by / Homage to the ancient paper lantern called “Chouchin”, a traditional Japanese craft-work that have a history of about 500 years.

Moroccan Pearl Hanging Lantern Large

By popular demand, we have a smaller version of the ever so popular Moroccan Large Hanging Glass Lantern! Moroccan iron hanging lantern with

Industrial wall light

This gorgeous industrial wall light is hand made. Fabricated from bent steel and hand welded. The spun crystal shade is a modern take on an industrial classic shape. Features a cloth covered cord with inline on/off switch. Plugs into wall outlet.