Small Yard Ideas

Is your yard or garden small on space? Get big ideas for making the most out of your outdoor sanctuary.

Small Yard Ideas

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By turning a sloped plot into a modern play den, a designer created usable family space where none existed before. In this Greenbrae, CA, front yard, the designer placed concrete planters along the sidewalk, and filled them with ‘Firebird’ phormiums to create friendly screening without totally blocking off the yard. The raised patio is edged with concrete to help level the area and create a flat lawn and distinct spots for the family to dine, entertain, and play.

23 small yard design solutions
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The patio feels like an extension of the family room thanks to a series of pivoting doors. To create a sense of lush enclosure and block views of a parking lot next door, the fence is lined with tall plants such as angel’s trumpet and princess flower. The walls and rooftop were covered with waterproof vinyl and modular cells that contain rooted succulents, grasses, yarrow, lantana, and ice plant to greatly expand the "garden" space.

City Escape with Living Walls and Roof
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Bold, sculptural forms combined with a range of textures and colors can make a garden that’s based on foliage just as interesting and inventive as one that’s filled with flowers.

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Naturalistic sanctuary

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Recycled materials and colorful, graphic plants add whimsical punch to this backyard

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Playful front yard

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Previously covered with lawn and lacking privacy, this West Hollywood front yard is now a livable space with creative screening.

23 small yard design solutions

A garden should help you relax and reboot. That’s its proper purpose, according to the Japanese aesthetic called shibui.

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Yellow and gray shade sails overhead provide much-needed respite from sun, and Richard Serra–esque steel planters balance the heft and drama of the river-rock wall. A generous sprinkling of plants adds softness.

23 small yard design solutions

Sweet dreams

23 small yard design solutions

Come on in, broad stairs lead hospitably from the driveway straight to the front door.

Come on in - 23 small yard design solutions | Sunset
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