there are no beautiful

I'm wanting to get a memorial tattoo in honor of my grandpa and I'm thinking about getting his dog tags

This is basically the exact tattoo I've drawn myself for my half sleeve. Only difference is I would put a silhouette of a dancer in there. Most likely.

The beach, ocean and palm trees, the turtle and some tropical flowers for a half sleeve tattoo! Yes, I'm in love!

this would be cute with mom interworked into it then a rose with a lock on the other side with dad interworked on my chest.

Love this idea of a key and a flower together. I love keys for some reason. But the key the the Porcelain key and flower my favorite flower? Ah, so good of an idea for a tattoo.

Sick Nightmare Before Christmas tat.. I LOVE Zero at the bottom!!

The Nightmare Before Christmas tattoo, Jack Skellington, zero, pumpkins, pumpkin…

Peace Tattoo

Like the idea of a floral peace sign, this is much too large for what I'd like.

black and white bow tattoos on back of legs | bow tattoos on Tumblr

I'm actually loving the idea of these, not a fan of the seam line some people get down the leg but I really like the bows. black and white bow tattoos on back of legs

sugar skulls---my idea would be to do a dragonfly, pansies with contrasting white violets and ostrich feathers as key elements and with complimentary colors of blues, purples and greens then finished off with perhaps wings and Victorian elements

Definitely one of the better sugar skull tats I've seen. Nice to see a relatively accurate skull, and the flower detail is balanced well, Thinking of making this (a flower skull) part of my half sleeve idea :) but a bit smaller

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