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Three small lavender bags

Lavender wreath (using lavender leaves too)

lavender baskets- haven't seen anything like these before

Lavender Lavender Lavender

Envelope sachets - now I know what to do with my dried lavender!

Make a lavender sachet from a used dryer sheet and dried lavender

cross stitch lavender

Turkey Creek Lavender: Making a Lavender Wreath

You see these ornaments made with dried lavender stalks all over Provence. These beautiful ones are Christmas-themed. Seen at the Christmas market in Aix-en-Provence, France

home-made lavender Christmas ornament

Lavender Garland Featuring Styrofoam

These little baskets are made entirely from the harvested lavender stalks that come out of my garden.Using the entire lavender stalk, stem and flowers both, small bundles are gathered and coiled into the basket shape. The center base features a walnut slice. Waxed linen thread was used as the binding material.The thread is either blue or a light lavender color. These little baskets have not been treated with any finish so that the natural lavender scent has a chance to shine through.