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Founded in 1816, we are the oldest in SUNY.

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guys dorm room ideas

Guys Dorm Room Decorating Ideas - A lot of dorm decor ideas are geared towards the girls, but if you think creatively they can be altered to fit either gender's tastes! None-the-less, here are some ideas for a guys dorm room!

dorm organization

Organize your life on campus with this DIY college dorm decor idea. Chevron paper + pinning board + calendar + white board for quick notes and reminders. Get more DIY dorm room ideas.

A list of a bunch of items you wouldn't think to bring to school but REALLY NEED, plus links to buy them from Amazon! Also, an explanation of why that item is useful! Perfect!

Freshman - 19 items if you don't have them already that you should get! Ok, I agree with some of these but not all. Chase is on his way - one happy but sad momma! College freshman tips, college hacks

Budgeting 101 genius. pin now, read later.

The Envelope System Saves Money. The key component to Dave Ramsey? is the envelope system. What is the envelope system, you ask? Well, according to .

Now whenever I'm stressed out irritated, I'll just look at this picture and all my problems will go away.

Moose the Shar Pei. There's a Shar Pei where I volunteer and he's sooo cute! I think he's still a puppy; he's pretty tiny.

You can think about lofting both beds.

Another pinner said "Dorm Rooms & Decor.lots of space saving ideas, cheap decor ideas, and colorful decorating ideas for bedrooms or dorm rooms. My teenage girls will hopefully find this useful in the near future.

Closet Organization.

How to organize a college dorm / apartment closet. Don't live in a dorm, but my room is about the size of one.

22 College Seniors On Their Advice To College Freshmen | Thought Catalog

Let your manners speak for you 22 College Seniors on their Advice to Freshman. I'm a senior and I loved reading this, cherish every part of college whether you have 4 years or 4 weeks left.

Dorm Room Shopping Tips – The Tier Technique !

Dorm room shopping tips, save money and skip some things you don't really need - pinning now, reading later. Maybe some good ideas

College Application Organization Printables - everything from due dates to essay topics in one place!

College Application Organization Printables-- to keep your college app info and deadlines organized and in reach.

DIY College Survival Kit. Good Idea.

DIY College Survival Kit - One of the frequently forgotten things to take to college is a first aid kit. This would make a lovely first month away care package!

Undressed Skeleton — 200 Healthy Dorm Room Recipes!

200 healthy dorm room recipes for college students, most of them using only a microwave! Don't sacrifice your healthy eating habits when you live on-campus.

Just some ideas of things to get to help you stay organized in your dorm.

Dorm Room Solutions - I pinned this to "made me laugh" because I don't have the exact measurements, but if my memory serves correctly, my dorm room (double occ) was about 150 square feet max!

Dorm Rooms & Decor

Image detail for -. areas in the room which is considerate if you share your space. Now your room doesn't have to be as medicinal as this, put your own flair on it. I really like the storage space to help with a small room.