this 6 pack gram cinch is CLUTCH.  $22.

6 Pack Frame Cinch Polo Mallet Holder by WalnutStudiolo on Etsy Another beautifully designed piece this time from Walnut Studio. Originally designed for bike polo it makes a wonderful six pack holder.

paint chips

We have chosen paint chips as a topic for today's pick and we have gathered 25 fun creative paint chip DIY projects and ideas we hope you will find appealing.

Fun "pixelated" art idea (and it's made up of small images so it can all be printed at home).

ixxi: Make Your Own Wallpaper, Art + Room Dividers

DIY pixel wall art with paint swatches. Excellent way to color a white room!

murder mystery

"I fear that the murderer may be among us" Aled Lewis, Toy Stories Series

Things organized neatly

My problem would be that I would never put any of it away fast enough and it would be sucked into the black vortex in my home!


Cavalier Essentials, vintage(ish) products designed for "the rugged, yet sophisticated gentleman. Anyway, it looks great thanks to graphic designer Taylor Pemberton.

things organized neatly

Toronto-based photographer Todd McLellan has created "Things Come Apart," a photo collection of disassembled technology like chainsaws, pianos, clocks, cam

that is insane

Alphabet pencil sculptures: Artist Dalton Ghetti, a Brazilian native now living in Bridgeport, CT, has been carving miniature sculptures into the graphite of pencils since he was a school boy in Brazil.

Real Life Photoshop!

I love this Photoshop ad! I immediately thought of my mom who is super creative, but doesn't quite get how I design things digitally. Love how this breaks it down how the program works. Speaking of design, I've updated my.