The Head Start Approach to managing challenging behaviors within the classroom. This is a wonderful place to read about building a parent connection, and creating an environment that stimulates children while preventing unwanted behavior. Includes signals of distress to look for, the causes of challenging behavior in children, and how to address the issue. This is not only a great resource for teachers, but also for parents who can appreciate the head start approach.

Challenging Behaviors in the Classroom

11 Strategies to Use with Strong-Willed Children - The Helpful Counselor | The Helpful Counselor

11 Strategies to Use with Strong-Willed Children

Preschool community helper unit Fireman rules for Emergency

Fall & Halloween | Kindergarten Nana

Slow Cooker Chex Mix -- the classic mix you love, made in your crock pot! (Christmas Party!)

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Christmas Present

Pinterest Pin of the Week (And All of Last Year!)

Snow Globe Keepsake

The Barefoot Teacher: Let it Snow!

Learn how to make your own Touch Book for your blind baby by putting together a book of textures for him to feel. It's easy and fun and can be a great gift for a visually impaired child... or anyone!

Make Your Own Touch Book!

5 senses read the book "From Head to Toe" by Eric Carle. Have kids draw a picture of what they can do ie: throw a ball, whistle, run, hop

Mrs. Bremer's Class: 5 senses

This would be great for transitioning students from desk work to circle time. Students will learn what is expected of them in order to start the lesson. Very cool idea and makes it easy for teachers and students to be on the same page.

RegionVI&IVCAT - Preschool Visual Supports

Mrs. Lowes' Kindergarten Korner: Pumpkin Investigation

Mrs. Lowes' Kindergarten Korner

Changes are Okay - Visual Story for Kids with Autism

Visual Social Story Packet for Children with Autism: Behavior Set

Cute card idea for every Thanksgiving. Send home a note telling each child why we are thankful for them. This is sweet.

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Kids Activity: Cotton Ball Painting - Domestic Mommyhood

Kids Activity: Cotton Ball Painting - Domestic Mommyhood

Tripod grasp activity for preschoolers and toddlers. So much learning with this cheap and easy activity~ colors, sorting, patterns, counting... {Sugar Aunts}

Sugar Aunts: Fine Motor Color Sorting Activity for Kids

Counting Snowballs from - A winter math activity for preschoolers. Easy to set up, with a lot of learning!

Preschool Winter Math - Counting Snowballs - Fun-A-Day!

Alphabet Activity: Apple Tree Letter Matching - #PlayfulPreschool

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Suggestions for building and storing a sensory play stash for any budget.

Building a Sensory Stash from Scratch

Alphabet center- ABC mats and cubes... count the cubes to make up the letter as well

Nurturing Naters with learning activities at home

Simple preschool color matching activity that also works on fine motor skills -- pushing colored popsicle sticks into an empty coffee can! #finemotor #childdevelopment

Preschool Activity for Color Matching and Fine Motor Skills -

Homemade Pumpkin Moon Sand Recipe- this moon sand has such a FUN & unique texture. It is sand-like but soft and squishy. It can be molded and holds it's shape really well but also has an OOZE to it. It is really hard to describe and so fun you really must try it for yourself (Kids LOVE this stuff!)

Pumpkin Moon Sand Recipe ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose

Easy to make pumpkin scented paint- great for Fall art and sensory projects, and you only need TWO ingredients! This paint will make the whole room smell just like pumpkin pie.

Fall Pumpkin Scented Painting Activity ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose

fun fall walk sheet

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Paper flowers

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Fall shape tree

Geo Trees! « Nurturing Young Minds

Heart Thumbprint Charm Necklaces & DIY Gift Wrap - love this so much! so cute for Valentine's Day - have kids put thumbprints on there.

Heart Thumbprint Charms & DIY Gift Wrap - Mother's Day Ideas