Instinct (part one) by on @DeviantArt

A quick (ok, not so quick ) comic strip to tell a RANDOM silly story about Cati and Andreas. Be ready for more silly strips about them.

A monster in Paris :)

A monster in Paris// hey there, cutie :) how are things?

A monster in Paris - Abigail Larson ilustration

Abigail Larson: haven't seen many images, but so far a fabulous blend of Darkness and Light subjects

a monster in paris

Art of Animation — A Monster in Paris Color Key- Aurelien Predal

UMAP: L'Oiseau Rare presente by tugaMaggie

I mean, I'm a huge fan of Art Nouveau, and specially of Alphonse Mucha's work, and ever since I noticed some of the design.

ART of "A Monster In Paris" movie.

MONSTER IN PARIS!He sung beautifully even if he was a monster.I remember watching it and sitting in awe.

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