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Guidelines for Leaving Kids Home Alone with Printable

This was interesting Guidelines for Leaving Kids Home Alone with Printable - simple ideas for allowing kids to stay home alone.

10 Keys to Healing Trauma in the Foster/Adopted Child by Bryan Pos

Trauma creates fear and stress sensitivity in children. Even for a child fostered from birth, their internal systems might already be more sensitive and fearful than that of a child who has been ab…

Indispensable Kid Rules Every Parent Should Follow 46fa4b7f5702be4c6e762a4feb2cf355.jpg (606×720)

Ungrounding points for older teen. Combined from several sources and made applicable for kids who already do normal family chores. by marissa

I want to do this with my children someday!

My daughter is but and when she was I taught her to say behold instead of look. We'd be at the store and she'd point out whatever damn thing she saw, "Daddy behold!

100 Chores Your Kids Can Do For An Allowance broken down by age.

Think your kids are too young to do house work? Here is a broken down list of chores for different ages.