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    Baton Twirling Costumes

    Very pretty twirling costumes from feature twirlers. I linked this board to the free FeatureTwirler app. Make sure to install to keep up on the pretty costumes that twirlers have!
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    Majorette/twirler tryout uniform. University of Alabama Crimsonette tryouts 2013

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    Love the skirt! Such a great look on the field.

    Former AAHS twirler shines in orange | Mountain Echo

    What a pretty costume!

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    Cute field costumes! They look great!

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    This costume is beautiful! It looks fantastic on the field, too!

    Ab-Salute Twirling

    What a neat design!

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    Cute costumes... even without the special effects!

    TCU Twirlers (@TCU_Twirlers) | Twitter

    This costume is so vivid and pretty! Love the yellow...

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    This costume is adorable!

    baton Photos: Free Creative Commons & Stock Images for your Blog

    Pretty costumes - I love to see the variety!

    TWIRL-M'S Baton Twirling

    This costume is awesome - love the colors and fringe!

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    I love the beading on this costume... it's super pretty!

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    Love that the costumes are different but work together!

    The Marching Virginians - Virginia Tech - Meet the Band: Sections

    Super cute costume!!

    Interview with a K-State Feature Twirler: Lauren Meis | Heidi

    This costume is beautiful!!!

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    So many cute costume styles in one beautiful photo!

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    Super cute - love the flesh color with beading!

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    I like these costumes... great for college twirlers. Blue and gold really looks great on a field!

    WVU Marching Band announces feature twirlers for 2010 season

    These costumes are really cute! I love the blue and gold.

    feature twirler and marching band at DuckDuckGo

    Cute costumes! They really look great on everyone.

    majorette and band at DuckDuckGo

    Cute costume - nice use of the school letters!

    TWIRL-M'S Baton Twirling

    This costume is adorable for college twirlers!! I like it when costumes are age appropriate. I'm thinking that this costume would be a little too "little" for ladies younger than college. :)

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    Great costume for a show! It's sparklie... love the skirt!

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    Cute costume... clever use of the mascot paw prints!

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    These costumes are awesome, adorable and they rock!

    Sweetheart Majorettes | University of Kentucky Bands