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This dancer is spinning either clockwise or counter clockwise, depending on how you look. | 22 Optical Illusion GIFs That Will Make You Feel High

do you see the girl turning clockwise or anti-clockwise? If you see the girl turning clockwise, then you are right-brained. (me) If you see the girl turning anti-clockwise, then you are left-brained

Truly, a soldier's best friend! Give a Like and support these two heroes! #tiltright There are 2 words -- just 2 words -- that Obama, Congress and Corporate America hope you’ll never realize. Watch this video ad and discover what they are… http://patriotproducts.org/go/just-2-words/

Soldiers are ALL of those military members on the front line. Dogs have saved many soldiers and deserve the utmost respect that any civilian can provide. The highest respect that can be paid is to be known as a soldier.

wait what

it took me longer than 30 seconds to figure this out. if u need help figuring out what it is, the navy blue shirt girl is riding on the white shirt girl and the white shirt girl is in a really weird position, now u are thinking about how u didn't see that