Skip count by 7's to complete this dot-to-dot worksheet!

Dot to Dot Pig

Connect the dots and reveal the picture. Practice basic math skills with our awesome collection of dot-to-dot worksheets!

Dot to Dot Dolphin

Which house is truly a "home sweet, symmetrical home"?

Symmetrical Houses

Here's a fun multiplication math riddle for your students to solve: "What animal can jump higher than a house?" The answer? Any animal because houses can't jump!

Multiplication Math Riddle

Practice counting coins in color!

Counting Coins

Draw the hands on the clock faces to practice telling time.

Telling Time - Draw the Hands

A perfect math mystery picture for spring!

Spring Math Mystery Picture

Students will match up fractions and decimals with the corresponding percents by cutting out the squares and gluing them onto the chart.

Cut and Glue Percents, Decimals, Fractions

Learn all about place value, counting, and number values with this special number worksheet!

Special Number

Solve this basic addition math riddle to find out "What is a shark's favorite game?"

Addition Math Riddle

Printable hundred charts in the perfect desktop size!

Desktop Hundred Chart

Fill in the mixed-up multiplication table to test your skills!

Mixed-Up Multiplication Table

Skip Counting by 100

Skip Counting by 100

For this probability experiment, all you need is a penny and a dime!

Probability Experiment

Practice writing and identifying mixed numbers with this printable math worksheet and many more from Super Teacher Worksheets!

Tasty Treats Mixed Numbers

Color in the number of objects to correctly represent the given fraction.

Fraction of a Group

Decorate for the holidays and the winter ahead with these dainty paper snowflakes! (Learn all about symmetry too!)

Snowflake Symmetry

Christmas mystery pictures add the perfect amount of holiday cheer to your addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division lesson!

Christmas Mystery Pictures

Play "To the Moon," a fun board game that gives kids a chance to practice basic multiplication skills!

Multiplication Board Game

Teach your students about shape movements with the Super Teacher Worksheets activities on flips, slides, and turns!

Flips, Slides, and Turns

"What did Cinderella fish wear to the underwater ball?" Solve this math riddle by answering the subtraction problems on this fun worksheet!

Subtraction Math Riddle

A great number line activity to teach students about elapsed time

Elapsed Time Activity

Skip counting is an important basic math skill: STW has got you covered!

Skip Counting by Five

A fun "I Have/Who Has" game to practice counting money!

I Have Who Has Coins

How much time has passed? Find out with these basic, intermediate, and advanced elapsed time worksheets!

Elapsed Time Worksheets