Phonics - Super Teacher Worksheets

Hooked on Phonics worked for me! And so did Super Teacher Worksheets! :)

Phonics - Super Teacher Worksheets

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Mini-books: packed with phonics practice!

Long A Phonics Mini Book

Take a look at these fun word ladders for phonics practice!

Word Ladder Worksheets

Check out our Build-A-Word worksheets!

Silent E Words Activity

Basic word ladder puzzle worksheets for teaching phonics

Word Ladder Worksheets

Learn the Short U sound with this printable mini-book!

A Phonics Mini-Book
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    Jennifer Hammons

    Heather Pope Only if it's free. It looked free.

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Syllable Zoo is a fun phonics worksheet in which students count the syllables in animal words.

Syllable Zoo Worksheet

This phonics word sort makes a great learning center or whole-class activity.

Word Sort: Three Sounds of -ed

Cut the word wheel and attach both parts with paper fasteners. Then spin to read the sight words. STW has word wheels for each letter of the alphabet. Check 'em out.

Word Wheel : Hard-C

Popcorn is a fun, easy-to-read poem with lots of "short o" words.

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Your kids will love these cut-and-glue phonics build-a-word activities.

Phonics: Build-a-Word
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    parents can use for workboxes?

Students love Phonics Picture Match Games to help them learn beginning consonant sounds. Download a matching game for each letter of the alphabet. (Well, almost every letter.)

Phonics Picture Match

Word family word wheel. Spin the wheel to make skate, state, and make!

Phonics Word Wheels
  • Super Teacher Worksheets
    Super Teacher Worksheets

    Late... mate... rate... plate.... skate...

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    These are great. I've been looking for a wheel like this.

  • Super Teacher Worksheets
    Super Teacher Worksheets

    Awesome! We have lots of them. I hope your kids enjoy them. :)

Caitlin's cute mini-book graphics help students learn to read! Link: www.superteacherw...

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