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This might be a better approach than the wall mounted fixtures on the side of the house. We could install landscape lighting all through the gravel ourselves. Create lovely patterns in your at night with light like this using Led walkway lighting

51 Budget Backyard DIYs. Wine bottle tiki torches, hanging garden to create a privacy screen, etc

Solar rope lights in the garden. I LOVE this idea, it can be used in a number of of different uses in the yard, high lighting the path to the front and back doors. lighting up the gazebo (or any focus point in your yard that will make a comfortable area t

I like this though I'm not sure how much work it would be.... Pebble texture keeps it from looking too plain, probably would help the pathway not be too slick when wet. MetaMosaics

A similar take on a pebble & slate path by Oregon-based pebble mosaic designers Meta Mosaics. via inspiration green

Could get creative with this premise...

patio ~ walkway Idea using or patio blocks & pebbles-rocks in between the pre-made blocks. Lots of creative ways to make this your own walk way-garden path