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Style Invite

Seasonal Colors

Floral Print

In Style

Dining Chair Covers

Dining Table Chairs

Stretch Ava

Ava Collection

Swirling Floral

'Tis the Season to Entertain in Style! Invite the Compliments... The Stretch Ava Collection -- as pleasing to the eye as to the touch with a swirling floral print in seasonal colors!

Sure Fit Slipcovers: 'Tis the Season to Entertain in Style!

Impression Season

Fresh Impression

Forest Ottoman

Season Stretch

Stretch Forest

Master Remodel Ideas

Master Make Over

Slipcovers Ottoman

Chairs & Recliners

Turn over a new leaf. These velvet jacquard leaves are a tactile delight and will make a fresh impression season after season - Stretch Forest Ottoman Slipcovers

Sure Fit - Stretch Forest Ottoman Slipcovers

Slipcovers Loveseat

Slipcovers Stretch

Chevron Separate

Stretch Modern

Covering Sofa

Fit Category

Separate Seat

Camel Color

Sofa Dark

Sure Fit Slipcovers: Stretch Modern Chevron Separate Seat Slipcovers - Loveseat in Camel Color

Sure Fit - Stretch Modern Chevron Separate Seat Slipcovers

Surefit Slipcovers

Couches With Slipcovers

Slipcovers Textured

Furniture Slipcovers

Surefit Sofa

Tweed Furniture

Textured Tweed

1920 Farmhouse

Tweed Sofa

Sure Fit Slipcovers Textured Tweed One Piece Slipcovers - Sofa in Graphite

Sure Fit - Textured Tweed One Piece Slipcovers

Waterproof Medium

Waterproof Auto

Suede Waterproof

Auto Bench

Seat Auto

Car Seats

Forget Pets

Pets Let S

Cover Medium

Sure Fit Slipcovers Waterproof Auto Bench Seat Cover - large bench seat cover in gray #winterize your car or truck, perfect for car rides with the family dogs! #pets

Sure Fit - Fanciful Floral by Waverly™ Wing Chair Slipcover

Stretch Crocodile

Crocodile Ottoman

Slipcovers Ottoman

Chairs & Recliners


Slipcovers Stretch

Color Chocolate

Slip Covers

Wing Chairs

Sure Fit Slipcovers Stretch Crocodile Ottoman Slipcovers in color chocolate #animalprint

Sure Fit - Stretch Crocodile Ottoman Slipcovers

Slipcovers Matelasse

Matelasse Damask

Fit Slipcovers

Furniture Slipcovers

Furniture Covers

Chairs & Recliners


Slipcover Wing

Damask Wing

Sure Fit Slipcovers; Matelasse Damask Wing Chair Slipcover in Sage

Sure Fit - Matelasse Damask Wing Chair Slipcover

Tuesday Get

Our Stretch

Up Look

Sure Fit Slipcovers

Textile Tuesday

Dye Collection

At Our

Space Dye

Close Up

Textile Tuesday: Get a close-up look at our Stretch Piqué Space Dye Collection.

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Slipcovers Heavyweight

Heavyweight Cotton

Drape Single

Single Panel

Pocket Drape

Rod Pocket

Drape Neutral

Duck Rod

Inch Drape

Heavyweight Cotton Duck Rod Pocket Drape (Single Panel) - 56 x 84 Inch Drape Neutral colors; Khaki - Natural - Pavement

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White Rug

White Sofas

Sofa Extraordinary

Room Decorating

Holiday Decorating

Slipcover Collection

Fit Slipcovers

Diy Sofa

Lamp Modern

The Stretch Ava Slipcover Collection; Perfect for your Holiday Decorating

Sure Fit Slipcovers: Textile Tuesday: The Stretch Ava Collection

Popular Slipcover

Slipcovers Tennyson

Cushion Fit

Color Topaz

Slipcovers Loveseat

Slipcover Design

Slip Covers

One Piece


Discover the new colors and fit to this popular slipcover design. - The Tennyson by Waverly™ Collection is now being offered in a T-Cushion Fit and new color, Topaz!

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Stretch Crocodile

Crocodile Collection

Fit Slipcovers

Slip Covers

Winter 2014


Winter 2014 | Sure Fit Slipcovers: New Stretch Crocodile Collection

Winter 2014 | Sure Fit Slipcovers

Slipcovers Everyday

Sofa Everyday

Everyday Chenille

Slipcovers Loveseat

Loving Red

Upholstering Furniture

Days Of The Year

With Everything

One Piece

Sure Fit Slipcovers Everyday Chenille One Piece #Slipcovers - Sofa: Everyday #Chenille is just that — a collection that will go with everything, every day of the year.

Sure Fit - Everyday Chenille One Piece Slipcovers

Slipcovers Script

Sure Fit Slipcovers

Pillows 12

Pillows Accent

Decorative Throw Pillows

Fit Styles

Script Embroidered

Fit Category

Inch Decorative

Freshen Up With Decorative Throw Pillows! #accent #pillows

Sure Fit Slipcovers: Freshen Up With Decorative Throw Pillows!

Suede Cinched

Cinched Arm

Fits Soft

Interior Slipcover

Cinched Design

Arm Fits

Slipcovers Soft

Newest Features

Arms Sofa

Sure Fit Slipcovers Soft Suede Cinched Arm One Piece Slipcovers - New Slipcover Feature for Wide or Narrow Arms, Achieve The Most Custom Fit With A Cinched Design For Adjustable Arms. #sofa #loveseat #chair #slipcover

Sure Fit - Soft Suede Cinched Arm One Piece Slipcovers

Slipcovers Recliners

Ottoman Slipcover


Stretch Nouveau

Plush Covers

Recliner Cover

Slipcovers Stretch

Catching Light

Textured Pattern

Stretch Nouveau Recliner Slipcovers: the diamond-textured pattern on these plush covers has a beautiful way of catching light and dressing up a room.

Sure Fit - Stretch Nouveau Recliner Slipcovers

Slipcovers Reversible

Reversible Suede

Fit Slipcovers

Fit Sherpa

Sherpa Soft

Sherpa Furniture

Sherpa Chair

Covers Armchair

Cover Chair

Stylish & Comfortable. When your #pets love to lay on the furniture, Consider a Reversible Suede and Sherpa Chair Cover! Easily removable and machine washable.

Sure Fit - Category

Wooden Chairs

Dining Chairs

Dining Rooms

Skirt Bring

Sophisticated Texture

Damask Dining

Chair Skirt

Fit Slipcovers


Matelassé Damask Dining Chair Skirt: Bring a touch of sophisticated texture and color to your dining room while allowing the beauty of your wooden chairs to show!

Sure Fit - Matelassé Damask Dining Chair Skirt

Add Visual

Visual Interest

Stretch Box

Links Ottoman

Slipcovers Ottoman

Space Ottoman

Box Links

Chairs & Recliners


Sure Fit Slipcovers Stretch Box Links Ottoman Slipcovers - Cool and contemporary, these geometric links are a modern way to add visual interest without overpowering your space. #Ottoman

Sure Fit - Stretch Box Links Ottoman Slipcovers

Slipcover Collection

Collection Textiles

Stretch Amira

Sure Fit Slipcovers

Textile Tuesday

Decor Furniture

Living Room

Textile Tuesday: The Stretch Amira Slipcover Collection #textiles #slipcover

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Furniture Protect

Sure Fit Slipcovers

Patio Essentials

Year Round

Outdoor Furniture


Covers for your outdoor furniture: Protect your outdoor furniture and keep your patio essentials looking great all year round.

Sure Fit Slipcovers: Keep Your Patio Looking Great Rain or Shine.

Wheelchair Cover

Project Wheelchair

Wheelchair Things

Wheelchair Design

Wheelchair Slipcover

Wheelchair Ideas

Fashionable Wheelchair

Functional Wheelchair

Wheelchair Fashion

Sure Fit Slipcovers: Sure Fit Slipcovers Bringing Style And Comfort To Those In Wheelchairs and Rehabilitating #wheelchair #slipcover

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Slipcovers Cfm

Slipcovers Stretch

Maroon Crystal

Find 2015

Marsala Interior

Find Color

Life Color

2015 Color

Color Of The Year

Sure Fit Slipcovers: Excite Your Senses With New Life & Color For Fall!

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Slipcover Patterns

Slipcover Box

Sure Fit Slipcovers

Sofa Slipcovers

Fit Catalog

Box Cushion

Life Color

Free Fall


Leather and Chevron - Sure Fit Slipcovers: Receive Your Free Fall 2014 Sure Fit Catalog

Sure Fit Slipcovers: Receive Your Free Fall 2014 Sure Fit Catalog

Stretch Box

Stretch Suede

Contemporary Stretch

Slipcover Collections

Box Links

Suede Slipcover

Fit Slipcovers


Cool and Contemporary, Stretch Box Links and Stretch Suede Slipcover Collections

Sure Fit - Category