Golfinhos "apaixonados".

Kissing Dolphins: Dolphin lovers will find joy with sterling silver dolphin…

Goose put on her casual face to hide the fact that she was stuck

Duck put on her casual face to hide the fact that she was stuck

baby animal telepathy

) Belugas are so social sweet. Every time I see this pic, people are saying how cute it is. Y'all, that beluga is trying to eat that baby. The glass saved his life.

Love is a gift friends give unconditionally @blue_saphire5 @bmalhotra69

Blues Hunter on

I see a fish. A fish I kiss. I know I'll miss my friend the fish when i must go back home to Visch.

Koi&black swan

Wow, so swan swimming on a pond completely filled with Koi fish

Big cat hugs

A Mother's Greatest Love Embracing Her Baby. There's Nothing Like a Snuggle From Mom at Pilanesberg National Park in South Africa--Photo by Gabriela Staebler in The Soul of Savanna: (How Wild Animals Feel).

I love you so much mummy, I really do, your the best mummy in the world xxxx - What more to say other than we just LOVE cool stuff!

Happy Dolphin

Happy Dolphin

BB "Happy Dolphin" : A joyful photogenic dolphin comes to say hello as it catches rays of light glimmering through the ocean surface.