It's a llama. A llama in a car.

No time to explain. Get in the car. Llama in Times Square, 1957 by Inge Morath

Making bubbles – Amazing Pictures - Amazing Travel Pictures with Maps for All Around the World

14 Pugs That Are Masters Of Disguise

phone home.panda bears dressing up as this for Halloween. If you say "ET", she'll start howling " home"

vintage everyday: Interesting Vintage Photos of Baby Animals

A young Welsh boy has adopted one of the new arrivals on a farm at Rhondda during the lambing season, March 1936 - Too cute! All the lambs are out on our beautiful green Welsh hills right now.


Little Guy ~ by Marsel Oosten. These winter monkeys use hot springs to keep warm!

Some pretty delightful photo manipulations from digital artist Caras Ionut. Stuff dreams are made of...  See more on Colossal:

Surreal Photo Manipulations by Caras Ionut

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Funny pictures about Funny portraits of animals dressed like humans. Oh, and cool pics about Funny portraits of animals dressed like humans. Also, Funny portraits of animals dressed like humans.

Polar Ice Cap by Jean Bradbury

Seattle, WA artist Jean Bradbury

Artist Jean Bradbury paints plants and animals as metaphors for emotional states. I used to dream white animals