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    Made me giggle

    Made me giggle

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    "I know that guy!"

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    This made me laugh far more than it should have ... will now refer to vacuum as a pushy sucky

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    Adorable budgie playing with tennis ball

    Community Post: 10 Reasons Why Budgies Are The Best

    I'd tap that realll good.

    FAIL Blog


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    I don't drive behind them for that exact same reason ...

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    My new excuse

    14 Beauty Hacks No One Asked For

    Watching Thor ♥

    What People Think I’m Doing When I’m Not Answering My Phone…

    I want to be friends with these people. Also ... where can I get a lawn dinosaur? New goal in life.

    This is the wisest advice I have ever read. Via Better After

    Things We Need To Talk About Today

    Thank you Pinterest for providing me with this video. It could not have been any more perfect for my little sister's birthday. :D

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    These made me giggle more than I should.

    Avengers Pick-up Lines

    I'm ... reading?

    Reading explained…

    Perhaps if dad had any skills with technology. :P

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    10 Times Niles From "The Nanny" Threw The Best Shade - It's always been my life goal to be as witty as Niles ...

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    My kind of people.

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    Well that's disturbing ...

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    I just bought $200 worth of groceries... then I ordered in pizza because I didn't feel like cooking after the hassle of buying groceries.

    100 Things 2 Do: Butcher's Block Makeover

    RAWR! I'm a turtle.

    Funny and cool animal memes

    Why do Lannisters have such big beds.

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    I'm just hot.

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    That's just funny

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    Why can't you hear a Pterodactyl going to the bathroom | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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    This cracked me up.....such an unexpected ending!

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    I'm perfectly comfortable. #dachshund

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