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Yuzuriha Inori - Guilty Crown #anime

school uniforms skirts pink hair red eyes anime manga anime girls guilty crown yuzuriha inori vector Wallpaper Saved on November 2012 am

Day 6: anime I want to se, but haven't yet: Guilty Crown! A lot of my friends has told me how great this anime is

When there is nothing to watch on TV I relax and watch anime like this one guilty crown it has an interesting plot with plot twist and amazing weapons that reflects the characters personalities.

guilty crown~Shu and The Void

(open RP) 'they took her and i will stop at nothing to get her back' i think to myself as i stand in front of one of the many people that took part in her capture 'I'm coming for you. my sweet little sister' Crown

Good anime artbook from Guilty Crown uploaded by sanada - Shu Ouma