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1790s Fashion

1790s Fashion

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c1795 open robe. Striped silk damask with thistle and flower brocade. Ties at front neckline. Sleeves fasten with 3 self-covered buttons.

Fashion Plate | c. 1790

A becoming ensemble, 1790

eighteenth century Archives - Madame Guillotine

Man's embroidered silk velvet court suit, probably English, about 1790-1810.

Costume Drama - Sudley House, Liverpool museums

Hello classical influence: fashion from the 18th century Journal des Dames featuring the latest hairstyles of 'Cheveux a la Titus' and 'Cheveux a la Caracalla'

Wearing the French flag: hand-colored etching of revolutionary fashion from 1789 and 1790 by Raphael Jacquemin

Dress, 1790 England, Museum of London

Heptagonal bag. French, about 1800 (technically not 1790s but I wonder when these first appeared?)

Gown in "French purple", 1790, Spain, silk, taffeta, silver, cotton, linen, metallic lace applied to silver wound silk. In Spain this dress was "vaquero hecho a la inglesa" [rough translation: cowboy in the manner of "robe à l'anglaise] or just simply "vaquero" [cowboy] Popular in the last decade of the eighteenth century. (c) Museo del Traje.

Dress, 1790 England, Museum of London


From wiki: "Tippies of 1796", March 6th 1796 fashion caricature by Richard Newton. The ca. 1796-1798 fashion of one or two feathers issuing vertically from a woman's headdress is parodied, as are women's neo-classically influenced gown styles (rather new in England in 1796), and men's ultra-tight trousers (or "calf-clingers" in the slang of the period). The woman appears to be wearing a short "spencer" jacket which has been made sleeveless for the purposes of caricature...

File:Tippies-of-1796-caricature.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Someone got a little crazy with her hair

  • Susan Ardelie Author
    Susan Ardelie Author

    Just discovered it's coiffure a la Titus. Inspired by Lady Caroline Lamb?

Too much. Too little. | Fashion caricature 1556/1796 by Issac Cruikshank

Portrait of Frankland sisters | John Hoppner, 1795

Venerable Fashions: Fashion Plates and Hair Experiments

A "mervielleuse" of 1796. Dress and Spence Jacket and "baby" style cap in the fashion of 1796 (Quicerat).

Pastoral scene near hemline. Not sure about zee hat | French Fashion Plate | May 1792

Fashion Plate | September 1791

Fashion plate | Dec 2, 1791

English brown and yellow kid shoes, c. 1792 | Venerable Fashions: The Seductive Shoe

Venerable Fashions: The Seductive Shoe

1790s | Josè Francisco Xavier de Salazar y Mendoza (Mexican-born Louisiana artist, 1750–1802) | Senora Don Carlos Trudeau

Gold mourning ring, the large circular black and white enamel bezel set with eleven diamonds; 1795

Portrait of Mademoiselle Hilligsberg - John Hoppner - 1791

Collection of English Original Watercolour Drawings Ann Frankland Lewis probably 1792 LACMA Collections Online

Page not found | LACMA Collections

Pair of Woman’s Indoor Slip-on Shoes Probably France circa 1785-1790 LACMA Collections Online