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Ayurveda: The Fragrance of Wellbeing

Excellent Ayurveda book!!

The Ayurveda Vegan Kitchen offers people the opportunity to follow an Ayuvedic diet without the use animal products. Ayurveda is a holistic heali ...

Ayurveda Guidelines for Summer

Ayurveda Guidelines for Winter

Ayurveda : Tongue diagnosis, first indications of illness | image AcuMedic Ltd.

The Importance of Six Tastes in Ayurvedic Diet Ayurveda recognizes six tastes and it's quite important to have all of these 6 tastes in your diet every day. The six tastes are: Sweet – sugar, honey, rice, pasta, milk, etc. Sour – lemons, hard cheese, yogurt, vinegar, etc. Salty – salt, any salty food Pungent – chili peppers, cayenne, ginger, any hot spice Bitter – leafy greens, turmeric, lettuce, etc. Astringent – pomegranate, beans, lentils, etc. www.ayurvedaacade...

Ayurveda is a wonderful way of discovering deep healing and balanced living

In Ayurveda, Hibiscus (Jaswand) is known for healthy hair. Hibiscus promotes hair growth, stops hairfall, and delays premature graying. For henna hibiscus is used for a burgandy to black cherry color on hair and helps to aid in a faster henna dye release. As a drinkable tea, hibiscus is a natural body coolant and makes a great refreshing drink. Even better is using hibiscus powder in a tea rinse for hair!

vata pitta kapha

THE VALUE OF OILING YOUR FEET Another pinner said "During my years of study with Guru ji (Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati), he often told students to oil their body with sesame or coconut oil as a way to bring healing and quiet to the nervous system. He would suggest oiling just prior to sleeping so that the oil had an opportunity to soak into the skin over night. According to Ayurveda, the practice of oiling gives a calm and tranquil feeling to the body and mind."

Ayurveda - Life, Health and Longevity. Ayurveda is the life science and healing wisdom of ancient India. As a Chopra Center Certified teacher I teach this in the Perfect Health program.

Ayurvedic Herbs List - Pictures, descriptions and uses

Ayurvedic Herbs List - Pictures, descriptions and uses

Almond Milk Chai - Balances Vata and Kapha.