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Useful Interactive Maps

Emergency Telephone Numbers from around the World. So intriguing to see the difference in these numbers from one country to another: some are only 1 digits; others, 2 or 3 digits; Senegal's has 9 digits.

Useful Interactive Maps

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Cost of living index, worldwide

Expatistan, cost of living

The Interactive European Word Translator Map: Could be useful for finding the word for "beer," or "how much," or other one or two word terms in all the different European languages.

Country Guides to Culture, Etiquette, Customs & more!

The Live London Bus Map shows the location of London's buses in real-time. Users of the map can select any London bus route and view a map of all the route's bus-stops and the position of all the buses on the route. Users can click on any the moving buses on the map to view how long until it arrives at it's next scheduled stop

Train Tracking Map. Follow Your Train Across the USA. Amtrak has launched a real-time map of its more than 300 daily trains. The Amtrak Track a Train map shows the live position of all the network's trains. Passengers can search for individual trains by train number or train name or search for individual station. If you select a train's marker on the map you can view details about its current speed, next station and estimated time or arrival.

Roads Kill Map: The global road death toll has already reached 1.24 million per year and is on course to triple to 3.6 million per year by 2030. From the Pulitzer Center

Flood Inundation Mapper for the US : The United States Geological Survey has created an interactive live map of current flooding conditions around the country.

Flood Inundation Mapper |

A Map Of Former, Current & Emerging Tax Havens

2,000 Historical Maps: Over the last couple of years the British Library has been busy georeferencing its collection of historical maps. So far 2,236 historical maps around the world have been added to the British Library Map Finder. The Map Finder uses Google Maps to show the location of all the maps georeferenced so far. It allows you to search the historical maps by location and view the maps overlaid on top of Google Maps. From Google Maps Mania

How much to go to...? Worldwide Taxi Calculators

Love food trucks? But wonder how to find 'em? Check out these half-dozen interactive maps for food trucks in the US & Canada.

A map showing the availability at bike stations in New York City and the Washington, D.C. area across the course of the day. Solid blue dots represent completely-full bike stations; white dots indicate empty bike stations. When you click on a station, you’ll see a graph showing how many of the station’s docks are occupied on an average weekday over time.

Roads Kill Map | Pulitzer Center The Pulitzer Centre has released a map looking at road death tolls in countries across the world. The Roads Kill Map shows the levels of road deaths in nearly every country. According to the World Health Organisation by 2030 road deaths are set to become the fifth leading cause of death in the developed world. The map highlights some interesting differences in road safety between countries.

The 3d Tube Map is a real-time map of the London Underground in glorious 3d. The map shows the live position of trains on all the London Underground lines. Portraying the lines in 3d enables the viewer to visualise the depth of the individual lines and stations on the network. Each of the lines can be highlighted on the map via the buttons in the map menu. From bruno imbrizi : experiments

A map of the Global Peace Index visualizes the levels of peacefulness in 162 countries. From Vision of Humanity.

Reshaping New York: A New York Times interactive called Reshaping New York looks at how New York has changed in the 12 years of Michael Bloomberg's reign as mayor.

Riding the New Silk Road - Interactive Feature -

Global Land Temperatures is a heatmap of world land temperature since 1900. The map shows over 100 years of monthly land temperature data collected from over 7,200 weather stations around the world.

Ancient history & archeology in the Mediterranean and Levant.

Yay! America's best wine restaurants, 2013. From Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

With Urban Observatory, you can compare 16 global cities using maps as a common language.

The Most Popular Burgers in America! (From Google Maps Mania)

African Conservation Projects plotted on an interactive map (from Google Maps Mania).

How Green is My State?

Map shows how to say “beer” in various languages, in Europe

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