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Great Food Blogs

The way that food looks is almost as important as the way it tastes - as an editor and writer I find that some publishers, particularly when printing collections of recipes, make the food look pretty unappetizing. Blogs are beginning to change that! So I thought it would be nice to pick out some of the good food blogs for all of us to enjoy. Please visit as often as you like and add your favourites. Susan Penny x

Great Food Blogs

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Lasagna Stuffed Shells Recipe 20 jumbo shells 3/4 cup ricotta cheese 1 cup mozzarella cheese 1/4 cup Parmesan cheese 1 egg 1/4 cup frozen spinach, thawed and drained 2 cups of your favorite tomato sauce 1 lb. sausage

Chicken Gloria | My family enjoyed it so much they wanted me to make it again for dinner so that’s what I am doing! I’m making a double batch tonight. I did make a Few substitutions both times now. I used corn starch instead of flour and just sprinkled it on in the package they came in, I used Marsala cooking wine, and I didn’t put foil over it while in the oven. Turned out perfect.

Homemade Graham Crackers | This graham cracker recipe is modified from Alton Brown's graham cracker recipe. This dough is made using a food processor. If you do not have a food processor you can use your hands by first pinching the butter in the flour mixture, then when you add the liquid and honey using a kneading motion. Beware since this mixture has honey it will be a messy process.

Bacon Wrapped Pineapple Bites | This is so perfect! I love bacon and if it's wrapped around fruit it's healthy, right? My aunt makes bacon wrapped water chestnuts in a soy sauce every Christmas and I've been known to eat a panful and I don't even like water chestnuts much.

The best (and easy) peanut butter cookies-- The cookies have a perfect brownie-like texture: both chewy and soft at the same time! Note - there are only a dozen cookies per recipe, so make at least 2 recipes!

Cinnamon Bun Cookies Recipe ~ If you're a fan of cinnamon rolls, you'll love these cookies. They are delicious... with or without the icing!

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Roll | I want to make this soon..

Salted Caramel Apple Crumble | That crumble looks so good with the caramel on top!

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    WIN-WIN FOOD | Delicious & Healthy Eating

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Strawberry Cream Horns | These look really easy & yummy!

Easy Monkey Bread « Tradition in my home is that this recipe is our Christmas morning breakfast…easy and delicious. Thanks for sharing on the Thursday Blog hop!

Lime Bars | These lime squares look wonderful. Love the fresh flavor. It�s nice to have something a little different from lemon..

Lizzie's Coconut Custard Pie | I've tried several cocoanut custard pie recipes and this one is the best.. This is a real old-fashioned recipe, they way custard pie should be without a lot of unnecessary ingredients..

Vegan Banana Apple Chunk Bread | This quick bread is also vegan, so the health-minded you will appreciate that each piece is much lower in fat and calories � just 147 per slice. Grab your bananas, and get baking!

Cinnamon French Toast Cookies | The dough itself has a nice kick of cinnamon, and then they get an extra sprinkle on top which really adds to the taste.

Banana Cake with Praline Filling and White Chocolate | Paired with sugary pecans (yes, they�re fried, but with all of the butter, cream and chocolate in this cake, it really doesn�t matter, does it?) and a whipped cream frosting lightly flavored with white chocoalate, this cake received thumbs up from all who tasted it. I�m not a big praline fan, so I�m not the best judge for taste.

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    Wonderful recipe.

Old-Fashioned Lemon Bread | This Old-Fashioned Lemon Bread is perfect anytime of the day and may be used as a dessert or snack! The Lemon Syrup can be made while the bread is baking, making this an easy-to-bake treat that is sure to be a favorite!

Impossible Pie | This is a nice moist coconut pie - easy as and quick to make. It forms its own base. A great little dessert treat..

Toasted Quinoa Salad with Scallops & Snow Peas | This scallop-studded quinoa salad gets an exciting texture from crunchy snow peas, red bell pepper and scallions. Feel free to substitute shrimp or thin slices of chicken for the scallops.

Strawberry White Chocolate Champagne Cake | My wife loves it when I make Champagne cake. I love it too, but wanted it to be a bit healthier. This lighter version was still a hit. I love the combination of strawberries, white chocolate, and champagne, such a romantic cake. Would be absolutely fabulous on Valentines Day or any special date night.

Revelatory Caramel Cake | This cake is awsome...the most delicious, light, moist cake I have ever made..

Flourless Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Glaze | This moist and dense chocolate cake is topped with a smooth, rich dark chocolate ganache that melts in your mouth. Serve it with sweetened whipped cream and raspberries for a delightful and elegant desert.

White Chocolate Coconut Cake | This eye-catching cake is my sister's creation. The white "snowball" look makes it the perfect choice for a holiday celebration

The Not So Impossible Cake | That perfect slice or piece of cake with a hot cup of coffee, sometime after lunch, but before dinner, oh yeah!

Pumpkin Toffee Cheesecake | this absolutely made my mouth water. Rich and creamy,,!

Cream Cheese Pound Cake III | This is a heavy, dense, extremely good pound cake