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Hippie at heart

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I really am a hippie at heart! I (we) alway "joke" about running away to an island and living off the land (with a few essentials..coors light for example;) I love doing research on super foods and tricks to live "cleaner". With encouragement from clients this will be a good place to write down recipes and whatever else I'm obsessing over :)

Benefits and Side Effects of Brewer's Yeast

My quest for clear skin...Brewers yeast (a by product when making beer??!) I have started using "Nutritional yeast" for its health benefits. Considered a "super food" and BONUS it's delish (use it like you would cheese, sprinkle it on popcorn etc.)! Apparently Brewers yeast is more bitter BUT has an extra acne fighting vitamin! I'll try anything:)


14 Unhealthy Ingredients You're Eating


Geez not my grandparents they are the ones that introduced us to egos, wonder bread and pop! This could apply their parents I bet! Lol!