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Why should you visit Israel? The country's magnificent diversity includes its sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean coastline, picturesque valleys and…
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Archaeological Tours in ISRAEL
Visits to such fascinating archaeological sites such as Beit Shean and the City of David are a MUST stop in Susan Loves Israel itineraries. We can even arrange for you to participate in an archaeological dig and help uncover some of the wonders from ancient Biblical times.
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Jewish Heritage Tours in ISRAEL
Allow Susan Loves Israel to show you why the holy city of Jerusalem has been a spiritual inspiration to the Jewish people for thousands of years. Join us as we explore it's highlights of the Old and New City.
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Visit and marvel at some of the holiest Christian sites in Israel; Susan Loves Israel can arrange for you to walk in the footsteps of Jesus from 2000 years ago in Jerusalem and the Galilee.
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Cultural Tours of Israel
For those interested in Israel's vibrant cultural scene, Susan Loves Israel can arrange visits to various museums and art galleries, as well as musical and dance performances throughout the country.
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Jeep Tour in the Ramon Crater
Let your day begin by watching the sunrise from the Ramon Crater and continue on a guided tour of this fascinating location in the Negev Desert.
Military Tours in ISRAEL Military, Israeli Defense Forces, Defense, Force
Military Tours in ISRAEL
Military Tours in ISRAEL
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Rappelling in Israel
For the adventurous amongst you who wish a more challenging experience in Israel, Susan Loves Israel can arrange a fabulous rappelling excursion at the Mitzpe Ramon Crater in the Negev.
Seas of ISRAEL Tours Sea Of Galilee, Dead Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Blue Water, Israel, Travel
Seas of ISRAEL Tours
Seas of ISRAEL Tours
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A Tour of Israel
A Tour of Israel
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Bar and Bat Mitzvah Planning in ISRAEL
Bar/Bat Mitzvah Planning in ISRAEL.
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Jeep Tours in Israel
Jeep Tours in Israel
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Susan Loves Israel
Ilana Goor Museum
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Glen Ridge Haggadah Artist Gets National Attention - Montclair Local
Glen Ridge Haggadah Artist Gets National Attention
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Israel And The Palestinian Territories Travel Stories - Lonely Planet
The best way to explore the cosmopolitan Israeli city of Tel Aviv is by bicycle. Not only is the inner metropolis flat and compact, but it also gets very little snow (none, in fact, since 1950), and the city celebrated its 2009 centennial by building 100km of dedicated bike paths.
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Israel Museum joins Google Art Project
Art connoisseurs around the globe will find it easier to visit Israel Museum, after the Jerusalem institute announced on Tuesday it was joining the Google Art Project, which provides online tours of the world's top museums.