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Imagaine this as the top floor of a carriage house apartment! With barn door to close off bedroom.

DIY Pull shade - cheap shades from Walmart, Fabric, and Fabric Glue

Laundry room ideas - cabinet, shelf, and hanging rod. I like this b/c it still allows the dryer vent area "air" so it doesn't get too hot (house fires).

Closet door? Nice alternative to a pocket door. Much easier than moving electricity and tearing into a wall.

WOW I really wish I would've found this last year before we replaced our counters SO CHEAP and I LOVE the results.

Kitchen Storage - to right of the fridge instead of the random counter. Fixes fridge depth issue and storage if we remove the uppers.

~Taquito Enchiladas!

20 Best DIY Kitchen Upgrades: 7. Transform a regular cupboard into a pull-out drawer for hidden trash and recycle receptacles for responsible and efficient waste sorting.

Take a couple of book shelves, and add some rods in between the two of them for an instant closet.

diy blackout roman shade for bedroom

how to make your own roman shade, a little time and effort = much more affordable than buying one!

gorgeous front door - wrought iron

♥ hang cast iron pans on kitchen wall ♥

Sliding Barn Doors in the House

(France) Warm and comforting chicken braised in red wine-the best of French country cooking!

Rest assured: This easy DIY takes less than 20 minutes. Measure the shade's length when straight, and cut two pieces of trim accordingly. Starting 2 inches in from the edges, adhere trim with a hot-glue gun.