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If you’re still wondering why, despite all your extraordinary powers, you didn’t receive that coveted Hogwarts acceptance letter at the age of 11, there’s now a place you can go to address you concerns. Calling 1 (781) 4524077 will put you through to the “Hogwarts Hotline.” Blimey, isn’t that magical! Initially they will address you as a “Muggle,” but try not to get too insulted. From there, you can learn more information “directly” from Hogwarts.

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The meaning behind the names in Harry Potter. The more I see things like this, the more I am convinced that Jo is an absolute genius!!

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Every week on Eat This Tumblr, we highlight our favorite food (and sometimes drink) related Tumblrs. This week is Famous People Eating Pizza. We’d explain what it is, but it’s pretty obvious. Highlights include various Illuminati —from President Obama to…