Easy button bracelet!

Hope Studios: Tutorial Tuesday - Button Bracelets Buttons in various sizes (test to be sure your cord will fit into the holes) Round leather or coated cotton cord mm in diameter) Instructions: Arrange your buttons ahead of time to lay out your pattern

Adorable and simple homemade plushy.

This is actually a great tag toy that you can make as a lion baby shower decoration and gift. Babies are attracted to the bright colors and like to pull on the tags.

Here's the how-to on the mini lightbulb terrariums.

Make a tiny terrarium in a light bulb. I have the bulbs, I'm just waiting for the Daylily Festival so I can get more air plants.

Transform vintage buttons into statement rings with this easy how-to.

62 Ways to Make Something New Out of Something Old

Button Rings How-To Handmade Jewelry - DIY Handmade Jewelry Projects - Country Living

Recycled soda pop can keyring.

DIY Pop Can Key Chain. This Diet Coke key chain uses Mod Podge Dimensional Magic coating. Just cut out shapes, glue together two shapes of the same size for double sided shapes, punch a hole and then press and let dry. Once shapes are joined and dry, add

How cute are these mini-terrariums?

Light Bulb Terrariums - Need a way to liven up your living or work space? Tap into Tinyterra's Light Bulb Terrariums. The light bulb comes equipped with a pair of rea.