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With this being Teacher Appreciation week, as always I was stumped as to what to get for the teachers. I really like gift cards generally but sometimes I feel like it feels like a last-minute gift. So I wanted to show my thanks to our preschool teachers b

Love both of these ideas. Kiwi, Banana and orange for palm tree island and apples, toothpicks and grapes for some car racing food fun!

the palm tree idea is cute for a fruit plate. Just do one or two palm trees in the middle and then surround with the usual fruit tray additions

How to use the grapes and pear Make Hedgehog

I have to assume these are for children. Why not give them one of the worst choking hazards out these and stick a sword in it?

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Tuff, tuff, tuff {In der Weihnachtsschenkerei}

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Joghurt - Bombe (Rezept mit Bild) von sascia | Chefkoch.de

Joghurt - Bombe

Joghurt - Bombe (Rezept mit Bild) von sascia | Chefkoch.de

Schneller Apfelkuchen

Schneller Apfelkuchen

Or, Dr Oetker, Minimal, Apple Cakes, Apples, Butter, Pies

Schweinefilet mit Schafskäse überbacken (Rezept mit Bild) | Chefkoch.de

Schweinefilet mit Schafskäse überbacken

400 g Schweinefilet(s) 1 Becher Crème fraîche 1 Zehe/n Knoblauch 2 Tomate(n) 100 g Schafskäse 3 EL Öl Salz Pfeffer