I have been making dream catchers for quite a few years now, and struggled with finding a clear tutorial with both visuals and descriptions. Now, problem solved!

Doily Dream Catchers The Best Collection Of Ideas

Crescent Garden Fairy DIY Dream Catcher | DIY dreammcatcher | Ideas & Inspiration, see more at http://diyready.com/diy-dreamcatcher-ideas-instructions-inspiration

DIY Dreamcatcher Ideas

I LOVE this Crescent Garden Fairy DIY Dream Catcher. Fabulous ideas for cool DIY dream catcher ideas & Inspiration.

DIY painted feathers

DIY Painted Feathers

DIY painted feathers- kids can make them too! Each child paints a feather. Cleanly frame 20 some feathers.


Eye catching dream catcher: Eloquent look.The small ones would look great hanging from your rear view mirror.

Nautical dream catcher with netting, pearls, and seagull feathers

Dream Catcher Stained Glass Sun Catcher by charlottechamplin

Dream Catcher Stained Glass Sun Catcher Native American Southwest Art Glass Dream Catchers figure prominently in the mythology of many Native

Dreamcatcher tutorial: Ch. 2 by ~netherwings on deviantART

Here you go, the Dreamcatcher Tutorial - learn how to make a dreamcatcher, Netherwings-style! Here is Chapter with description for how to decorate your dreamcatcher with beads and feath.

painted goose feathers : Kirsten Rickert

I was thinking this morning that it might be fun to paint hearts on collected feathers as a valentine gift. I have not tried it yet, but just sharing the idea Day 3 of collected goose feathers painted with watercolor paint.