Growing is good

It looks like an old apothecary, but we have an antique library card cabinet. We could plant herbs, both culinary and medicinal, in small pots and set them into some of the drawers. It would be a great way of having an h


I love blue hydrangeas! wutznext I love blue hydrangeas! I love blue hydrangeas!

Vintage Copper Teakettle With Silver Windchimes, Garden Art

WIND CHIMES: Vintage Copper Teakettle With Silver Windchimes, Garden Art - except with succulents planted of course.

this squirrel feeder is hilarious

Feed and make fun of squirrels at the same time with this big head squirrel feeder! The vinyl feeder makes squirrels stick their head up to get to the goodies inside! So grab your camera and snap a photo!

Muhly grass (Muhlenbergia cpillaris)

Botanical name: Muhlenbergia capillaris Common names: Pink muhly grass, pink hair grass, Gulf muhly, hairawn muhly USDA zones: 5 to 9

Bird Feeders

Project with kids: Make bird feeders for outdoor christmas tree with cup birdseed cup water and a small envelope knox gelatin (use a cookie cutter to make the shape you want)

Petunias, snapdragons, roses, and more.

How pretty of an entrance into my English Cottage! Only I'd have herbs and lavender mixed with those flowers. LOVE the pathway and flowers over the door!

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