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Heroes & HeartThrobs

Men whom I admire for all the gifts they've shared.

Heroes & HeartThrobs

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As I walked out the door toward my freedom, I knew that if I did not leave all the anger, bitterness, and hatred behind, I would still be in prison.--Nelson Mandela

  • Stephanie Fellendorf
    Stephanie Fellendorf

    such a wise man

Ummm, love

Stephen King, one of my favorite authors. Love his book Dolores Claibourne.

Jimmy Carter, building a Habitat House.

I'm a fan.

Tom Selleck: my image of Mike McQuaid, in the China Bayles series

  • Ruby Williams
    Ruby Williams

    I still see Tom as Blackie, exceot that Blackie has light hair. Blackie seems more beefy, McQuaid leaner, in my mind's eye

  • SusanWittigAlbert

    Ruby, Tom WAS leaner way back when I first started writing about McQuaid!

  • Marilyn Greene
    Marilyn Greene

    Oh, yes! I can definitely see him as Mike McQuaid. Who do you see as China Bayles?

  • Stephanie Fellendorf
    Stephanie Fellendorf

    I saw TSelleck as McQuaid the moment he showed up!

  • Jeanie Jackson
    Jeanie Jackson


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My guy, working on his wood art.

Love Sydney Pollack's films

Robert Redford, when I first fell in love with him (oh so many years ago)