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Short Natural Hair and Tapered Too

Short Natural Hair and Tapered Too

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Tapered cut, shaved sides, natural hair, purple highlights

Natural hair Rules!

Natural hair Rules! - hi-imcurrentlyobsessed: ✨ @hunnibre ✨...
  • E'Lisa Sorrells-Fisher
    E'Lisa Sorrells-Fisher



Taliah Waajid's Natural Hair, Braids, and Locs Hairstyle Gallery #WNHS15 - Clutch Magazine
  • Amanda Jones
    Amanda Jones

    I love the hair. I have a question, my hair is naturally thick and curly. To get the look that you have or something close to it, should I texturize it?


    Annica Mae Coming up next! I'm cutting it like this on Saturday :) My curl pattern will be a litttle thicker and kinkier though. Let me know what you think!

Tapered Cut @Shinestruck | Tapered fro anyone? This is dope @moxieblacklive #myhaircrush

Instagram photo by @myhaircrush (Myhaircrush) - via Iconosquare
  • courtney herring
    courtney herring

    that's HOT

  • Deidre Smith
    Deidre Smith

    Love it

  • Lynette Holmes
    Lynette Holmes


  • TJ Thornton
    TJ Thornton

    My next cut!

Faded tapered cut on natural hair.

  • stacey

    This is fabulous! !

  • Baldwin

    Love this.

  • Angel Jor
    Angel Jor

    Love it

  • Amaznqueend Monk
    Amaznqueend Monk


  • veronica james
    veronica james

    I love it i'm going to get my hair cut like this....

Tapered cut back view

  • Mary Curry
    Mary Curry

    Love it!

  • aby montie
    aby montie

    its beautiful

  • Shawanna Pope
    Shawanna Pope

    love the silhouette

  • Dee Browne
    Dee Browne

    I love this. My hair is mostly grey and I've been thinking about Big chopping to start over. I think this would look appropriate... I just may go this way. Would love to see the front view though.

Curly, Colored,Tapered Teeny Weeny Afro. By IG: @4_theluvofhair who is one of our featured Naturalistas.

Hair Archives - Natural Hair Mag
  • Sandy Smith
    Sandy Smith


  • Angel Jor
    Angel Jor

    Color is amazing

My Cut!

  • Felicia Miller
    Felicia Miller

    I love it.

  • benita thomas
    benita thomas

    I absolutely love the cut, you wear it so well

  • Angel Jor
    Angel Jor


What's My HAIR TEXTURE? Find out on

  • Sandra Edwards
    Sandra Edwards

    Love it! Is there a front and full back view?

  • Sandra Graham
    Sandra Graham

    I really like this cut.I may try to rock this cut.

  • Priscilla

    That's the one which I'm going to do. It would be great to see the front as well

  • Felecia Blair
    Felecia Blair


  • Amaznqueend Monk
    Amaznqueend Monk

    I like this...

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#tapered #naturalhair @INHMD 5/17/14 International Natural Hair #Meetup Day

WhatAlexLikes (Beautiful tapered natural cut… )
  • Holly Clayton
    Holly Clayton

    This is hot!

Tapered TWA

  • Josephine Wade
    Josephine Wade

    That's me!

i would love to have my hair cut like this, too bad im scared of scissors

Emijaa Jaaemil...: the cut...
  • Shawnell Hughes
    Shawnell Hughes

    Jennifer you should try it. Find good stylist. Don't have any regrets. Go for it girl and enjoy the new you in 2015....

  • Millicent Greene
    Millicent Greene

    I see this in my life!

  • Penny Hanson
    Penny Hanson

    Great cut!

  • Pamela witherspoon
    Pamela witherspoon

    Just got my hair cut like this loooooooooooove it !! ❤❤❤❤

  • Dee Browne
    Dee Browne

    Here I am looking for the "Love It" button...

Summer Cuts (Natural Haircuts)

  • Dee Jay
    Dee Jay

    We love your hair. Trying to duplicate it ask I type this lol.

  • Tangie Lee
    Tangie Lee

    Luv it...

  • Deborah Bowser
    Deborah Bowser

    I love each hairstyle. Sharpe cuts.

Summer Cuts (Natural Haircuts)

Uh-huh @lydzx25.

  • Iris Walters
    Iris Walters

    Yea loving that Natural Hair Undercut/ Tapered

  • Lashawn Baylor
    Lashawn Baylor

    Omg I'm so LOVING this style....Yeeessss

Low cut and shaved sides! This is so cute! #NaturalHair #TheCutLife

This is basically how I want my hair! Tapered cut with bomb color.

  • Angela Watkins
    Angela Watkins

    Gorgeous cut and color!

  • Minkah Allen
    Minkah Allen

    This is why I'm having trouble letting my hair grow. Love this cut!!!

  • Karen Stanley
    Karen Stanley


  • shaquana sanders
    shaquana sanders

    This cut is beautiful

  • Deanna Samba
    Deanna Samba

    I love it!

  • Erica Rucker
    Erica Rucker

    Really cute

  • D Guy
    D Guy

    Loveeee it!

  • Amaznqueend Monk
    Amaznqueend Monk

    Real cute...

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