My whole life has been a lie…

Seals are just Dog Mermaids. Think about it. Well, let's see, my childhood is ruined, everything I thought I knew about life and animals.

What would you do if you had magical Powers? - I could read books in the dark!

As Joe Kenda would say: my, my, my ...

Oh my. Oh my gad. Can't stop laughing. Lorde of the Rings. <<-- I don't even watch lord of the rings but I've been laughing for a solid minute now!


Hahahahaha lol, i actually really like this movie. It was funny, zany, and really touching, and comparing this character's behavior to that of Doctor Who fans is completely accurate. Love this movie! (Meet the Robinson's)

Social dilemma of a bookworm.

Social dilemma of a bookworm ~ fighting the urge to pull your book out of your purse in social situations

Just a coincidence

Just a coincidence?

Everything really is connected. The Mandelbrot Set at microscopic & galactic scale is exactly the same. The Fabric of Reality in all it's glory. Brain cell, the universe, birth of a cell, death of a star, eye and nebula.

All the time!

Nerd Girl Problem 419 - When You Use Your Favorite Insult From Your Favorite Book And The Person Has No Idea They Were one time I called someone a MUDBLOOD lol

Only other nerdy people will –––– Okay, are we geeks or are we nerds? Or are they the same thing? I assumed geeks are the fandom people and nerds are the smart people who study a lot. Has my perspective been wrong my entire life?

Hooray for Introverts! (I was totally this kid, then my parents realized my excitement and started making me do other things).Only it was a dog for me, not a cat