tasha tudor

Tasha Tudor knitting - Someone ought to make a movie about Tasha Tudor. If this happens soon Emma Thompson and her mother, Phyllida Law should be cast as younger then older Tasha.

Oh, wat zou ik deze graag aan mijn bed hebben hangen... - Woolmar'k Lamp by Philippe Tiberghien

27 Amazing Fall Furniture And Accessories : 27 Fall Furniture And Accessories With White Wall And Hanging Green Light Bulb Cover


Street crochet in Coimbra, Portugal. via Decorialab Knitwear Studio


DIY Strawberry Pom Pom Tutorial (Under my crochet board because of the yarn)

Tiger Crochet Backpack birthday gift christmas by Solutions2511 / FINISHED PRODUCT for sale / Tigger! / what child wouldn't love him!

Tiger Crochet Backpack birthday gift christmas by / FINISHED PRODUCT for sale / Tigger!

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rotary phone sheep sculptures

When I'm calling. Telephone Sheep by artist Jean Luc featured in a Frankfurt museum. A flock of sheep made from old rotary phones. The "wool" is made of phone cords. Fabulously creative and if you blur your eyes, they really DO look like sheep!

bird knitted hat

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100 Unique Crochet Hats Crochet Owl Hat from wearable art creator Helen Rodel. inspiration only but wonderful work.

Always thinking of new knitting things to make =)

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Yarni Girl - Whimsical Art Print of my Original Watercolor 8 x 10 - Lori Rase Hall