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Sustainable Seattle
Sustainable Seattle
Sustainable Seattle

Sustainable Seattle

We work with our community to make progress towards sustainability. We educate on sustainable business & build green infrastructure. Here, it's pinning sustaina

The Zero Waste Home: Zero Waste Grocery Shopping

What NOT To Plant Next To Each Other// some plants hinder other plant's growth and shouldn't be grown next to each other//.

Seattle-based photographer and activist Chris Jordan uses visual art to get people thinking about consumerism. This piece in Melbourne, Australia uses 7,000 old mobile phones to question consumer waste- this is only 1/3 of Melbourne's daily cell phone waste!

Baltimore's new Bromo Tower Arts & Entertainment District gets playful with artist designed crosswalks.

So many #bike facts about #Seattle in this infographic--did you know UPS was started in Seattle in 1907 as a bike messenger service?

Thinking about air quality and purification?

Foods that regrow from kitchen scraps!

"Is it OK to shop at IKEA?" Grist's Ask Umbra reveals...(Read the comments too, lots of great advice.)

Despite our rainy Seattle winters, we get less rainfall than Tucson, AZ in the summer. Follow these five tips for saving water.

The Shelf Life of Fruits and Vegetables! From Sara Eriksson Eriksson Eriksson Fresh

Biking is not just burning off calories

container homeRustic Minnesota Container Home Two twenty foot shipping containers were purchased at $800 each. powered by solar power arrays and connected to a rainwater cistern making this building an ecologically sustainable vacation home. Hive Modular,

Less is the new more. (The original source is unknown. The line was used in Richard Heinberg's TEDx "The Story of More." )

Soy Polish Remover from The Kind Life with Alicia Silverstone

Better World Shopper, some really great information on where to shop for all the products you will ever need based on how they treat their employees, environment, animals, and community.

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    Exactly. Thanks for re-pinning!

  • Sustainable Seattle

    Sure! I know price tags divert this statement sometimes. But if you really think about it in that second at the grocery store, it's an easy choice!

Illuminated by solar, public spaces are brightened by poet and artist Robert Montgomery's work.

Reducing food waste in your home is home way to help save the planet. This bowl tells you when your food is getting moldy.

Don't buy what you don't need. Vintage is good. Classic styles will be cherished for years.

Even through clothes care, you can make a difference.

Patagonia's founder. Preach it!