Susan Harmon

Susan Harmon

Central Texas area near Austin  ·  Susan Harmon is an artist/art professor
Susan Harmon
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What is Art Therapy - Improving Your Everyday Life through Art Therapy

Find out how art therapy can help relieve stress and promote emotional healing. Painting, drawing, and sculpting with friends or on your own is a beneficial activity for your mental and emotional health.

art journaling can be a way to express yourself when the words aren't coming very easily, but you have feelings that need to come out

Art Journaling - can be used as a therapeutic and/or self-care tool. I know they say keeping a journal is good for you but I never seem to be able to sustain it. Something more creative might be the way to go.

Zentangle 1 Basics, Expanded Workbook Edition

Zentangle Basics, Expanded Workbook Edition: A Creative Art Form Where All You Need is Paper, Pencil & Pen by Suzanne McNeill CZT

Handy A5 Looking at Art Cards

Handy Looking at Art Cards