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After finishing the base and preparing the concrete slab, now it's time to start laying the bricks. I choose the opus spicatum tecchnique, a common way to flooring in roman and medieval times. To p...

The Domus project is the construction in scale of an imaginary medieval palace. It& made of clay, stones, slate, wood and other construction materials in the style of rich genoese buildings f.

print & pattern: FABRICS - eri shimatsuka

print & pattern with Kokka we have these fun Scandinavian style fabrics created by Eri Shimatsuka a designer who was born in Japan but is now based in Finland.

yall gotta follow this page the paintings of horses are so gorgeous

Would our talented modern artists have the old masters proud of how their techniques have been improved upon, or just be green with envy? What do you think?


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