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These cutouts are conveniently accompanied by a premade shadow layer, making your postproduction life in Photoshop that much easier.

The images include groups ideal for busy scenes such as shopping arcades stadiums and high streets and individuals in a variety of poses offering a high degree of flexibility.


Art by 窪之内英策 Eisaku Kubonouchi*

Moleskine #k04 graphite pencil drawing

So simple yet it captures so much. Reminds me of the old-time bathing days of women with their swim caps going to the beach in groups with their children.

Esra Røise // Adam&Eva - Adam&Eva

The communication of colour is admirable, as this artist carries a certain thematic colour scheme; shown in the background wash and the hair.

Gesture Drawing, Pen Art, Figure Drawing, Figurative, Sketches, Draw